• NAME: Waggin Tail Boomer, aka. Boomer, Boobers, & Boomerinski
  • BORN: 02/00
  • FEATURES: Height 15-1/2″, Weight 30 lbs, Blue Merle, Blue Eyes.

After searching for our first mini, we acquired Boomer as a pup from Beverly Woodcock near Grants Pass, Oregon at three months of age. We had looked at several litters Bev had available but none grabbed us as being “the one”. She told us of a pup she had over in the cow barn and pointed out its location for us to check out. She said the pup had been promised to someone that just failed to pick him up…and that he was an older pup now. After finding him in a kennel, pretty timid and shy…Max picked him up and that was it! The four blues eyes connected and it was immediately decided that this pup would be a part of our lives…unknowing to us, that he in fact, would turn out to be the best dog we have ever owned. It was not only us, but most people that have seen Boomer really are attracted to him and his funny smile/grin and those piercing blue eyes. We have never shown Boomer…we showed horses for years and do not have the energy or ambition anymore. He has had formal obedience training and has been with a professional K-9 instructor out of Seattle. He is a gentleman, devoted companion and friend. All the pups we have had from past to present, are a representation of our main foundation Miniature sire, Boomer.

  • NAME: NorthernLights Red Deavon, a.k.a. Red
  • BORN: 04/03
  • FEATURES: Height 16-1/2″, Weight 35 lbs – Our second male. Red Tri, Amber Eyes.

Red Deavon came to us as a young puppy from NorthernLights Kennel in Montana as a prospect for out crossing on some of our future females. Red came to us a little fence climber and soon learned about hot wire. He has grown up and matured from a homely young teenager to a beautiful chunk of a fella who we just love. Although he is number two in the male hierarchy, he knows his place and is extremely loving and smart. His puppies are big boned and expressive like he is…and will all be beautiful pups.

  • NAME: Southern Cross Jasper, a.k.a. Jasperoo
  • BORN: 10/03
  • FEATURES: Height 15″, Weight 28 lbs – Our Smaller Miniature Male, Red Tri, Amber Eyes.
  • STATUS: For Sale

Little Jasper is a homegrown boy, Matilda and Boomer cross, who we kept in our program because of his size, his good looks and the fact that nobody wanted him. Jasper is the type of Red Tri miniature male we were hoping to find when we found and acquired Red Deavon. We hope to obtain some nice females to compliment him in the near future. In the mean time, Jasper is busy showing the younger males how to get away with having lots of fun and steering clear of getting into trouble. He loves us and we him.

  • NAME: Southern Cross Augustus McCray, a.k.a. The Hunk
  • BORN: 10/04
  • FEATURES: Height 16″, Weight 36 lbs – Our beautiful & rare Blue-eyed Tri Miniature Black Tri, Blue Eye/Brown Eye.
  • STATUS: Sold

Augustus is another home raised child out of the Bobbie/Boomer cross who we also kept in our program because they don’t come as nice as him very often! What a sweet little boy and oh my gosh, the love and affection that pours out of him and loyalty…none better. Augustus carries the rare blue eyed gene and we hope, along with his excellent temperament, bone and muscle that he will pass on these traits to future offspring.

News Flash: Augustus has been procured into the breeding program of Leah Columbus of Ruff House Aussies!

  • NAME: Southern Cross Li’l Joe, a.k.a. My little prince
  • BORN: 10/04
  • FEATURES: Height 13″, Weight 23 lbs – Our one and only Toy Male. Blue Merle, Blue Eyes.

We always wondered if we ever were going to see the day that we got a clone of Boomer, and miraculously, it finally happened. Li’l Joe was a small baby born from the Matilda/Boomer cross and we watched him for several months as a puppy, grow into not only the spitting image of his dad, but also remain small as a Toy. He is half the size of his dad but acts like he wants to grow into twice the dog. He has big little britches to fill…and we will watch him closely and see how he develops but I have a feeling, like his dad Boomer, they don’t get any better than this folks!