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Southern Cross Land and Cattle is located 10 miles north of Pasco, Washington in the Columbia Basin of south central Washington by the Tri-Cities. SCLC bought its first mares in 1990, and started breeding quality Mexican Azteca horses using the bloodlines of old foundation Quarter Horses and pure Spanish Andalusians. Today, we are still breeding these incredible horses focusing on quality and training. SCLC also holds membership with the International Azteca Horse Association and the North American Piedmontese Association, NAPA, and desires to expand it’s breeding program to become one of the best seed stock producers and eventually to relocate this to beautiful Costa Rica.

Southern Cross Kennels, registered with the National Stock Dog Registry, has been involved in breeding Show/Breeding and Pet quality Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd Dogs since 1998. Our amazing foundation sire “Boomer” is still with us after 17 years.

Southern Cross Ascension to Health for those who might benefit from our knowledge and experience healing ourselves and our animals.

Please tour the various areas of our website for information on the Miniature, Toy & Teacup Australian Shepherds and Mexican Azteca Horses.

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