If you are looking for information about the Toy Aussie, you have come to the right place. We are the newly formed Toy Australian Shepherd Association of America (TASAA). Here on our web site you will find information about the Toy Australian Shepherd breed, varied information for our members, folks just browsing and anyone with an interest or curiosity in our wonderful dogs.
Mission Statement

Our mission as the Toy Australian Shepherd Association of America is to join together and work toward the recognition and betterment of the breed and always keeping in mind the type (impression) should be that of the Standard Australian dog.

Objectives of the Association
To educate owners and breeders about the importance of selecting only quality dogs from the gene pool that always represents the Toy Australian Shepherd as a herding dog in it’s diminutive size.
Protect and covet the dog that comes closest to the Breed Standard.
Pursue further recognition of the breed through all venues possible.
Gain acceptance in conformation; sporting trials; and other activities where the inherited type and versatility can be validated.
Maintain accurate records for the registry.
Ensure a high standard of health and structure by requiring all health records be provided to the registrar at the time of application.
Promoting sportsmanship and camaraderie between members.
Providing a detailed Breed Standard for Judges and members, as well as to educate the public.
Promote the Toy Australian Shepherd as a true size variation.